Grid of images showing a diverse group of individuals
Grid of images showing a diverse group of individuals

Supporting our Trojan community to fuel USC’s future

Supporting our Trojan community to fuel USC’s future

The Human Resources, Equity, and Compliance (HREC) division encompasses the university offices entrusted with upholding the university culture, equity, ethics, professionalism, and compliance functions, as well as the traditional areas of HR – talent acquisition, development, and growth; compensation and benefits; and well-being – so our faculty, staff, and students can learn, work, and thrive.

Our HREC teams are continuously designing systems that elevate our employees’ experience, instill university-wide cohesiveness, and implement and integrate legal requirements. Aligned with USC’s Unifying Values, we pursue excellence and operate with integrity, which will build trust in the university while advancing USC’s mission.

Senior Vice President Felicia A. Washington leads the people-focused HREC team.

“At USC, culture matters, as does compliance with our regulatory responsibilities. Aligning these functions creates a coordinated team that services, supports, and safeguards the USC community. HREC supports our people by fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, delivering excellent service, and designing systems of accountability and continuous process improvement to fuel USC’s future.”

Felicia A. Washington, Senior Vice President, HR, Equity, and Compliance (Photo/Gus Ruelas)
Felicia A. Washington, Senior Vice President, HR, Equity, and Compliance (Photo/Steve Cohn)

HREC Offices

The HREC division includes the following university umbrella offices: 

University Human Resources (HR)

Continually enhancing itself to best serve USC faculty and staff, University HR helps with designing meaningful work university-wide, offering strong management, cultivating a positive workplace culture, and providing health and well-being services, as well as growth opportunities.

Members of the USC community carrying flags from all the schools during the 2018 commencement.

Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX (EEO-TIX)

Created in 2020, EEO-TIX champions university-wide equity, provides education and support resources and training to community members, and manages the university’s response to reports of protected class discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Picture of Hahn Plaza fountain located on USC's campus.

Culture, Ethics, and Compliance (OCEC)

Renamed in 2020, OCEC works with university partners to align decisions and behaviors with USC’s mission, Unifying Values, and compliance obligations, including Institutional Accessibility, Research Compliance, Privacy, Youth Protection, and Clery.

Group of diverse individuals having a discussion.

Professionalism and Ethics (OPE)

Fosters behaviors consistent with professional and university standards, with responsibility for the Offices of Professionalism and Ethics (OPE), Threat Assessment and Management, and Athletic Compliance (OAC).


The HREC division initiates and leads efforts aimed at elevating our faculty and staff members’ experience, instilling university-wide cohesiveness, integrating and implementing legal requirements, and advancing USC’s academic and people missions.

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